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Decorative Planters for Lawn & Garden

Carlin's extensive range of wholesale home and garden pottery, from large floor urns to extra large garden pots and decorative planters to specialty outdoor planters will make a supremely elegant and practical addition to your garden, patio and porch.


Distinctive Landscape Decorative Planters

From modern plant pots to rustic planters to distinctive antique planters and decorative wire baskets - each item in our collection of decorative planters and pot stands will draw the eye to themselves, and add a focal point to your landscape design. Give more dramatic, orderly look to the design of your garden with Carlin's distinctive decorative planters, hanging flower baskets, urns & vases.


Specialty Greenhouse Decorative Planters

Designed for decorative appeal and practicality, Carlin's extensive range of wholesale home and garden pottery is sure to satisfy all your greenhouse growers needs. Our distinctive decorative planters, wall mounted baskets, urns & vases are more resilient to extreme weather, lighter in weight, and offer a great variety of decorative styles, textures, sizes, shapes and colors.


Quality Lawn and Garden Accessories

Carlin features a broad spectrum of lawn and garden accessories, from extension hooks for outdoor/indoor hanging planters to woven coco & plastic planter liners to saucers for all kinds of wholesale plant pots - you'll find nothing less than quality products at a great price.


Get year round enjoyment from your favorite garden pots and decor items

There's no need to only enjoy your rustic planters or large floor urns outdoors. Bring them inside to use as accent pieces.

Looking to plant outdoor urns or containers for indoor use? We recommend inserting a plastic liner in the pot to prevent leaks when watering. For decorative planters where the interior of the pot is visible, fill in the gaps with Sphagnum moss and enjoy your plants all year round.

Another great way to enjoy the look of decorative planters that are usually kept outdoors during the summer is to fill them with dried flowers, ornate branches or topiary during the off season.


Turn your rectangular flower window boxes into bountiful vegetable gardens

Decorative containers aren't just for flowers but are the perfect place to plant vegetables too. Carrots, lettuce, radishes and beans are just a few examples of vegetables that do well in rectangular flower window boxes in addition to tomatoes, cucumbers and peppers.

Plant your vegetables directly in the container and find a sunny exposure for your rectangular flower window box garden. With the sun comes dryness so keep watch that the soil doesn't dry out. Water your plants when the top inch of soil feels dry and, as with any plants, be careful not to over water.

If you're starting your container garden from seed, check the packet for planting and spacing requirements. Because there is seldom 100% germination, plant more seed than needed. After the seeds have sprouted, think plants to the desired number.


Indoor Decorative Planters & Accessories that also look great outside

Show off your green thumb and display your plants inside or out with Carlin's wholesale lawn and garden decor, accents, and decorative garden pottery. Our distinctive collection of decorative planters will enhance the look and appeal of your flowers and green plants. Whether you're looking for plastic wholesale home and garden pottery or unique metal planters, urns & vases, we've got them all.

With styles ranging from modern plant pots to rustic planters to distinctive antique planters and decorative wire baskets, our garden pots and decorative planters are a great value providing aesthetic appeal, strength and durability. They're also versatile and can be used both as indoor decorative planters or taken outdoors.

Our wholesale lawn and garden decor and decorative planters can add that extra touch to any deck, porch, sunroom or outdoor landscape. For more than 35 years Carlin has been setting the standard for quality of workmanship, design and durability with our large and stylish selection of lawn and garden accessories!

Terrazzo large floor urns, round & square decorative planters

Large floor urns Combine practicality and elegance with these rotationally-molded modern plant pots and large floor urns. Lightweight but very sturdy, plastic large floor urns and planters boast a detailed texture that makes them look like real sandstone, terracotta or black granite and ensure moving your trees and floor plants easy. A wonderful addition to any home and garden decor, our decorative planters and large floor urns feature the unique bottom-channel design that provides excellent drainage. Terrazzo large floor urns and square planters have a 10-year limited warranty covering cracking, breaking, and chipping.

Distinctive outside planters & flower window boxes

Green, sandstone, clay box design Ideal for landscaping large areas, Carlin's distinctive outside planters and flower window boxes provide ample space, natural colors and fresh design, from classic clay box design to weathered stone box look. Compatible trays are available (sold separately) to complement outside planters.

Add a splash of color to balconies, patios, and windows with durable yet lightweight outside planters and flower window boxes. Available in green, sandstone, and clay box design, our distinctive outside planters and flower window boxes accommodate both round or square grower pots.

Indoor hanging planters & wall mounted baskets that are perfect for the outdoors

Euro indoor hanging plantersAustram, an industry leader in coconut fiber lined wire planters, offers the most complete assortment of innovative indoor and outdoor decorative planters and planter accessories. Austram's Euro series of indoor hanging planters is hand-welded from a heavy-gauge steel wire, with a hammered black finish that also make them perfect for the great outdoors. Coated with vinyl and a UV inhibitor to clean easily, Carlin's decorative wire baskets resist rust and withstand years of outdoor use. The Euro series of indoor hanging planters include a pre-inserted, fitted coco moss basket planter liner and galvanized epoxy coated chain that also make these hanging planters perfect for the outdoors.

Wall mounted basketsCreate innovative landscaping designs with Carlin's choice of wall mounted baskets, which will add a distinctive individuality to your home and garden. The simple yet stylish look of the unique metal planters makes a stunning display on the patio, deck or porch.

Made of durable vinyl-coated stainless steel, these stylish wall mounted baskets and planters are designed for years of use. Carlin's unique metal planters add to your container garden space and create a cascade of colorful blooms in your home and garden area.

UFO specialty outdoor planters

Specialty outdoor plantersBasket Buddies' UFO (Unique Flowering Object) specialty outdoor planters offer an alternative to traditional hanging flower baskets. UFO specialty outdoor planters compare favorably with hanging flower baskets and are less labor intensive.

These specialty outdoor planters have unique drainage and ventilation design that ensures good water and air movement. Molded-in water deflector forces water to penetrate soil in UFO hanging flower baskets before exiting this specialty outdoor planter. Suitably colored green to bland in with colorful flowers naturally, UFO basket planters also hold adequate soil volume.

Olde Stone rustic planters & pedestals

Olde Stone rustic plantersThese beautifully "aged" stone rustic planters will warm any setting - indoors or out. Olde Stone rustic planters, including trough planters, window boxes, round decorative planters, bowls and indoor hanging planters of various sizes are ideal for container gardening or for use as decorative indoor planters for large accent plants.

Create a little history by simply adding your own quality soil and plants to these rustic planters that provide a natural weathered stone look. Each Olde Stone rustic planter is a stunning hand-crafted original that’s sure to be the highlight of any garden.

Olde Stone decorative indoor planters & pedestalOlde Stone pedestal is excellent for displaying your decorative indoor planters off the ground. Like Olde Stone rustic planters, the pedestal is hand-crafted, all-weather and indestructible. Both Olde Stone rustic planters and pedestals are infused with a special mixture of moss and other materials that adds to the interest of it's "aged" rustic look.

The time-worn, stone appearance of Olde Stone rustic planters and pedestals will add an antique touch to any home and garden decor.

Carlin features a large selection of high quality decorative lawn and garden accessories with a wide range of wholesale home and garden pottery that will make your garden stand out. Both our outdoor and indoor decorative planters are available in a variety of shapes and sizes including large floor urns, garden pots and decorative planters, wall mounted baskets, hanging flower baskets, unique metal planters, and much more.

Water, weather and rust resistant, our distinctive decorative planters offer the unique eye catching design, color and texture of authentic materials with the affordability and convenience of lightweight, durable resin. We're sure to have all the lawn and garden accessories you're looking for!




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