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Wholesale greenhouse materials & supplies

For more than 35 years, Carlin has been serving the Midwest greenhouse community as one of the most complete sources of wholesale greenhouse materials, supplies and accessories. We have a large selection of quality products suited specifically for commercial growers, including greenhouse polypropylene shade cloth, wholesale plant growing containers & pots, greenhouse watering systems, wholesale plant support stakes, polycarbonate greenhouse panels & accessories, and much more.

Multi-use polypropylene shade cloth

DeWitt woven greenhouse polypropylene shade clothPolypropylene shade cloth is ideal for greenhouses, outdoor display areas or used as a weed barrier for a variety of applications. Carlin stocks a full selection of DeWitt woven greenhouse polypropylene shade cloth in various lengths - all with the durability to resist tearing, puncturing and weed penetration, and UV stabilized to hold up under the most extreme solar conditions. Polypropylene shade cloth can also be used as a wind and privacy screen, shading for sports and recreation, livestock, patio, dog kennels and solar protection for plants.

Polycarbonate twin wall panels & installation accessories

Polycarbonate twin wall panelThermaGlas polycarbonate twin wall panel with insulating air-filled space provides clarity, durability and strength to your greenhouses. In addition, we offer a wide selection of greenhouse installation accessories, including: various extrusions, H profiles, closures, fasteners to splice together greenhouse panels, aluminum tapes and silicone sealant to seal panels, screws and washers for point fastening polycarbonate greenhouse panels to wood, aluminum and steel components, and more.

Greenhouse thermoplastic film & poly film accessories

Polycarbonate Sheets For GreenhousesOur polyethylene thin thermoplastic film for greenhouses provide excellent light transmission and UV protection, as well as outstanding durability necessary for your greenhouse coverings. Poly film accessories, including various Inflation Blowers and Bracket Kits for inflating 2 layers of thin thermoplastic film, increase your greenhouse rigidity, reduce greenhouse materials degradation and conserve heat.

Greenhouse watering systems

Greenhouse watering systems Take care of all your irrigation and watering needs with our greenhouse watering systems and supplies from Carlin. We stock a full line Dramm watering equipment, used and recommended by professional greenhouse growers. Our selection of Dramm watering equipment ranges from a variety of Dramm nozzles and water breakers to full range of shut-off valves for your greenhouse irrigation water hoses. Greenhouse watering systems wouldn't be complete without a heavy duty irrigation water hoses. We feature a highly durable professional irrigation water hoses, specifically designed for harsh environments.

Bamboo plant support stakes

Wholesale bamboo plant support stakesBoth lightweight and durable our wholesale bamboo plant support stakes are available in a variety of lengths and quantities. Strong and sturdy, bamboo plant support stakes are much stronger than standard hardwood stakes and are available in green or natural and split or round -choose the size and color that works best for your application. U-Hoop and Teepee Trellis plant support are available by special order.


Belden wire hanging baskets

Belden wire hanging basketsPrevent damage to tender plugs or cuttings with Belden wire hanging baskets. These wire hanging garden baskets practically disappear beneath floral spheres. Gently lay plugs into side slots, snap on top ring, and plant the basket for 360-degree burst of color. Available in white or green color, each garden basket comes with heavy duty wire hanger for secure hanging.

Nursery greenhouse supplies

Nursery greenhouse suppliesChoose from our large supply of wholesale plant growing pots & containers, flats, inserts, hanging baskets, and more - for all of your growing needs. We feature high quality wholesale plant growing containers & pots, designed to promote plant growth and maximize efficiency in growing operations while protecting plants during stacking and transport. From blow molded to pressure-formed to injection molded wholesale plant growing containers & pots, our nursery greenhouse supplies offer exceptional durability, strength, and value.


Carlin Sales is truly a one-stop shopping solution for commercial growers. We stock a large selection of quality wholesale greenhouse supplies & accessories, ready to ship via UPS or common carrier anywhere in the U.S., and we guarantee timely delivery of products. The knowledgeable, friendly staff at Carlin Sales is happy to answer all your questions and help you choose the right greenhouse materials & supplies to suit your specific needs.




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