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Wholesale Greenhouse Watering Systems

From capillary matting to watering cans to complete greenhouse watering systems - at Carlin we have it all! Tailored to the size and type of your plantings, greenhouse watering systems are essential for effective greenhouse plant production with minimal labor.


Nursery Irrigation & Watering Systems

Whether you're irrigating nursery containers, hanging baskets, bedding plants or field grown nursery stock, Carlin offers a wide selection of nursery irrigation and watering products to get the job done.


Garden & Lawn Irrigation Supplies

From watering cans and sprinklers to automatic plant watering systems, Carlin's extensive inventory of garden and lawn irrigation supplies is sure to satisfy all your irrigation needs.


Landscape Irrigation & Watering

Carlin is the professional landscapers' source for top quality plant watering systems and components. We stock an assortment of the most popular landscape watering supplies, including a variety of heavy duty water hoses, water hose filters, wholesale wands, breakers, foggers, and more.


Save Water & Save $$

Use more efficient irrigation techniques such as drip irrigation systems, soaker hoses and automatic plant watering systems. Drip irrigation systems achieve more efficient irrigation, reduce water loss from evaporation and save the time and labor involved in hand watering --the perfect choice for watering gardens, trees and shrubs.

Don't sprinkle your plants, soak them. By aiming the watering system nozzle at the base of the plants, you'll apply more water to penetrate the root systems.

Avoid evaporation and ensure the water gets to your plants by not watering during the heat of the day. Whether you're using automatic plant watering systems or watering by hand, the optimal time to water is in the early morning hours between 4 a.m. and 10 a.m.

Don't over water. Lawns, plants, and shrubs need no more than one inch of water every 7 to 10 days to remain healthy.

Make sure your sprinkler system is in good condition. Check sprinkler system valves periodically for leaks, repair any broken or missing spray or mister water heads and the heads in good condition.

Pavement doesn't require watering. Position sprinkler systems to water your lawn and shrubs and not on paved areas. When choosing a sprinkler, be sure to select one with an adjustable watering pattern that can be programmed to suit your needs.

Add compost to your garden soil to improve its water-holding capacity and lay mulch around landscape plantings to act as a blanket to keep in moisture.


Wholesale Irrigation & Watering Supplies

For more than 35 years, Carlin has been offering a comprehensive line of quality irrigation and watering products, parts and accessories. Satisfy all of your irrigation and watering needs from just one source - Carlin Horticultural Supplies. From greenhouse irrigation systems and nursery Netafim sprinkler systems to lawn and garden wholesale wands and nozzles, we're sure to have the products you're looking for.

Our selection of plant watering systems ranges from a full line Dramm watering equipment to a variety of Netafim sprinkler systems to full range of sprinkler filters, wholesale wands and humidifier nozzles, and more. Take care of all your irrigation and watering needs with our plant watering systems, components and accessories, recommended and used by professional growers

Nursery & greenhouse Netafim sprinkler systems

Greenhouse and nursery and permanent row crops Polyethilen TubingDesigned and engineered for years of reliable service, Netafim plant watering systems utilize the latest irrigation system technology to ensure a slow, steady application of water for your crops.

In addition to Netafim sprinkler systems, Carlin offers a wide selection of components and accessories, including: main/micro supply water hoses and tubing, various sprinkler filters, hanging sprinkler connecting assemblies, retrofit adapters to connect Netafim sprinkler systems, mister water heads, foggers, misters, humidifier nozzles, and more!

Greenhouse fogger/mister/humidifier nozzles and system components

Vibro Spray Sprinkler Nozzle with Check ValveShop our full line of top quality misting, fogging and humidifying nozzles and plant watering system components for all your watering needs. Our water atomizing Vibro spray sprinkler humidifier nozzles are a perfect solution where small size, accurate flow rates, and fine atomization are desired -at an affordable price. Our greenhouse fogger/mister/humidifier nozzles are designed to accomplish high emission velocity with a low flow rate. Water flowing through the greenhouse fogger nozzle vibrates the pin, breaking up the water jet into extremely fine droplets. The vibration also prevents accumulation of salts in the humidifier nozzles, preventing clogging.

Greenhouse capillary mats

Capmat II Capillary MatGreenhouse and nursery irrigation and watering systems wouldn't be complete without capillary mats. Capillary matting is used in capillary plant watering systems to provide a large number of plants to be easily watered through the base of pots or seed trays.

Carlin's stock of quality capillary mats are made of a high strength, lightweight, rot resistant, non-woven polyester, which is also highly absorbent and transports water quickly and evenly, while creating a good humid atmosphere. Our capillary mats are also resistant to shrinkage, crushing and chemical decomposition.

Lawn & garden wholesale watering wands

Touch 'N Flow rain wandsTake care of all your lawn & garden watering system needs with Dramm watering equipment and supplies from Carlin. We stock a full line Dramm watering equipment, used and recommended by professionals. Water your plants easily and comfortably with Carlin's Touch 'N Flow rain wands! Our quality wholesale wands feature lightweight anodized aluminum extension handles to reduce fatigue during prolonged watering. Available in 6 vibrant colors, Touch 'N Flow wholesale watering wands are color matched with Water Breaker nozzles. Ideal for watering flowerbeds, bushes and gardens, Carlin's wholesale wands feature a lifetime consumer guarantee.

Landscape mister water heads & water breakers

Greenhouse watering systems Fogg It mister water heads and humidifier mister nozzles are perfect for a variety of applications including watering newly planted lawns, seed beds, delicate flowers and for raising humidity around wilting plants. Carlin's selection of Fogg-It atomizer fogger nozzles and humidifier mister nozzles are precision made with solid brass jets, designed to last for years. Fogg-It mister water heads attach to the end of your watering hose to break the water into a mist-like rain. Water is forced through micro atomizer fogger nozzles, creating a super fine mist. Each humidifier mister nozzle has three mist jets which create a conical spray pattern and are available in two strengths.

Treegator portable drip irrigation bags

Greenhouse watering systems If you plant trees, you need Treegator Portable Drip Irrigation Bags! The simple, affordable patented tree watering technology is a must-have addition to plant watering systems for golf courses, parks, nurseries, landscapers and homeowners alike. Perfect for newly planted or established trees, Treegator portable drip irrigation bags ensure 100% absorption with little or no run-off.

Treegator portable drip irrigation bags save water resources and are backed by a 2 year limited manufacturer warranty.

At Carlin Sales we know that effective plant watering systems are more important than ever to maintain the profitability of increasingly competitive plant production. That's why Carlin offers watering and irrigation solutions that incorporate a variety of plant watering systems and system components, including: watering cans, garden water hoses, water hose filters, wholesale wands and breakers, mister water heads, sprinklers and sprinkler filters, rain barrels, container plant watering systems, Chapin drip irrigation, Netafim sprinkler systems, and much more. Carlin Sales is truly your one-stop shopping solution.



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