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Wholesale Garden and Lawn Supplies
Carlin Horticultural Supplies specializes in offering the finest wholesale garden and lawn supplies available to professional and retail customers nationwide.


Wholesale Greenhouse Materials & Supplies
We have been assisting the greenhouse community for many years as the prime source of wholesale greenhouse materials & supplies, suited specifically for commercial growers.


Wholesale Landscape Supplies
Enjoy the convenience and ease of buying wholesale landscape supplies online. We'll meet all of your landscape needs with landscape products from the leading landscape product manufacturers.


Wholesale Nursery Supplies
We're confident that you'll find Carlin Horticultural Supplies to be your single source for premium wholesale nursery supplies. We know that premium quality of supplies is of utmost importance to greenhouse and nursery growers.


Wholesale Water Garden & Pond Supplies
Planning a water garden or pond for your backyard? We carry a full array of top quality ornamental pond supplies at discount prices for anything from complex commercial water features to simple backyard ponds. Our product line includes all you need for water gardens & backyard pond designs.



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Wholesale Pond Supplies Sub-Categories

Wholesale Pond Supplies - Consult our full time resident backyard pond expert to help you choose the most suitable from the multitude of top quality backyard pond supplies we feature. No need to make multiple trips to the store when you can buy all of the pond supplies for your backyard right here!

Water Garden Pond Design Kits - Get peace of mind knowing you’ll have everything you need in a complete performed Crystal Series Retail water garden pond design kit. Carlin stocks a complete line of water garden pond design kits and all their components in both do it yourself and contractor grade. With preformed water garden kits, the once complicated beautiful backyard pond designs are now well within the abilities of homeowners.

Wholesale Water Garden & Pond Pumps - Carlin stocks a variety of wholesale water garden and backyard pond pumps, essential for water circulation and aeration in healthy backyard ponds. We know the pump you choose for your water garden pond design is one of the most important ornamental pond supplies that you will purchase for it.

Filters for Garden Pond Pumps - Filters are essential parts of backyard pond pumps to feature a clear and healthy water gardens.

Garden Pond Liners for Sale - Choose from our complete stock of custom cut or pre-cut garden pond liners for sale, safe for fish and plant life, and available in a variety of thickness

Skimmers - Keep your yard ponds clean and clear while protecting your garden pond pumps, with skimmers that skim your backyard pond of debris before it can settle to the bottom and turn to sludge.

Pipes, Valves and Fittings - High quality, durable pipes, valves, and fittings, easy to install and for use with all water gardens and backyard pond designs.

Garden & Backyard Pond Treatments - A complete line of effective pond algae control products to keep your backyard pond water clean & clear. Algae Fix pond algae control is suitable for use in commercial or residential water garden pond designs that contain aquatic plants. Shop our full line of other garden & backyard pond treatments, including S.A.B. Extreme, EcoCarbon, EcoBlast, EcoTabs, AquaClearer Extreme Wetland, and more - natural backyard pond treatments, safe for fish and plants - to create and maintain healthy and clear water gardens & backyard ponds, and reduce pond maintenance.


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Carlin Horticultural Supplies Home - For over 35 years, Carlin Horticultural Supplies has been serving the growing needs of commercial greenhouses, nurseries, landscapers and home growers with quality greenhouse, nursery, landscape, pond, and garden and lawn supplies from the best manufacturers worldwide.

Fine Home & Commercial Gardening Products - No need to make multiple trips to the store when you can buy all of the fine home & commercial gardening products you need right here! Carlin Horticultural Supplies is truly a one-stop shopping solution for commercial growers.

Wholesale Garden and Lawn Supplies - Years of supplying commercial garden centers has made Carlin Horticultural Supplies a recognized name in the industry and we're pleased to provide home growers with the same quality wholesale garden and lawn supplies used by the professionals.

Wholesale Greenhouse Materials & Supplies - Whether you are a home or commercial greenhouse grower, you are sure to find what you need at Carlin. We feature one of the most complete selections of wholesale greenhouse materials, supplies and accessories.

Wholesale Landscape Supplies - Carlin sales stocks a full line of wholesale landscape supplies that are available to both commercial and retail customers. You'll find nothing less than premium wholesale landscape supplies and materials to suit your needs.

Wholesale Nursery Supplies - Satisfy all of your growing needs from just one source. - we're sure to have the processional quality wholesale nursery supplies you're looking for.

Wholesale Pond Supplies - Our website is stocked full of the most effective ornamental pond supplies to build and improve your water gardens or backyard ponds.

FAQ - Frequently asked questions & answers regarding Carlin sales Customer Service, Greenhouse materials and Nursery.

More FAQ - Frequently asked questions & answers regarding Garden and Lawn, Backyard Ponds, and

New Horticulture Supplies Catalog - Download Carlin/ProGreen Horticulture Supplies Catalog to your computer free of charge.

Contact Us - Carlin Horticultural Supplies Contact Information.

Why Choose Carlin Horticultural Supplies? - Benefits we offer to our customers.

About Us - For over 35 years, Carlin Horticultural Supplies has been deeply rooted in "The Green Industry". We are family owned and committed to providing customers with the best service as a complete horticultural supplier.

Locations - Carlin Sales has Two Midwest Locations, at Milwaukee and Joliet. Driving directions.

Wholesale Plant Material Service - wholesale Plant Material Service specifically designed to meet the needs of commercial businesses in the green industry.

Carlin Pre-Fill - Pre-filled containers for growers who want to reduce labor and simplify their growing operation. Carlin can pre-fill virtually any container you want with the soilless mix of your choice.

Meet Our Sales Staff! - Our inside & outside sales stuff.

Terms & Conditions - How to become a Carlin Sales Customer; terms & conditions of sale.

Privacy Policy - Carlin Privacy Policy for Unauthorized & Authorized Customers.

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